Today we went into St Vincent’s bustling town Kingstown. It was the official day of Carnival 2013 and we were excited to get road side to see all the action. The local people were wearing bright creative costumes and smiles poured through the grand stand as each section moved onto the main stage for judging. An incredible sight!

The only trouble was.. my legs were tired, I felt exhausted, thought about the couch and began to yawn! What was wrong with me?

Of course as a fitness and health coach, I immediately thought of 3000 potential ailments before I realised.. “Oh I’m just on a little downer!”.

Whaa you say!? You’re on a whaa!? Those of you who know me may not understand this as I am always asked how I stay so happy and energetic ALL the time.

Well here’s the honest truth. I do feel happy and energetic most of the time. However, we ALL feel down and out sometimes. We ALL feel tired. We ALL feel exhausted and sometimes we ALL feel lower on the energy and happiness scales.

Happiness really is not about never feeling tired or down. It’s all about knowing how to deal with it. Understanding the road blocks and having the tools to climb over them.

Here’s my 6 point system to easily pull yourself out of a mini-rut:

1. UNDERSTAND that what you are feeling is a temporary down among the many many ups. Remember the law of opposites. Everything has an opposite. Good and bad, up and down, front and back, happy and sad. It’s ok to feel them both. It’s part of life!

2. ACCEPT that where you are right now is where you are and that’s OK! We need to re-set to re-energise and sometimes its our body’s way of saying “rest is required”. Who ever gets to do that? So think of it as an opportunity to allow yourself the time to ponder.

3. PLAN to become a master of your own successes. Don’t let yourself succumb to having a “blue” week. Know that a little down time is going to give you all you need to stand tall again. Shop for your favourite nourishing foods, get the exercise equipment ready (don’t worry you don’t have to use it today!). Get up, go for a walk outside and enjoy the fresh air.

4. THANK. Sometimes we can fall into a slump if we are focusing on the negative aspects of our life. There will always be greater and lesser things to consider. The challenging times build our character, motivate and inspire us to succeed but if we ignore the good, life can begin looking pretty dull. Tell yourself you will start focusing on the good right now and think of 5 things you are grateful for today. Send some thanks out into the world. After all you’re here, alive, well and gorgeous!

5. LOVE yourself, your friends, your family and colleagues. Even those who have done you wrong. Huh? Especially those who have done you wrong! Holding onto negative feelings and projecting them onto others is even less nourishing than a sugar-filled meringue pie. The more love you share with the world, the more you will receive. Don’t forget to send a little extra to yourself!!

6. DON’T WORRY. Be happy! Soon you will be out of this phase and you know what comes next? That’s right. Energy, fulfilment, happiness and contentment. Remember, it is sometimes necessary to take some down time to allow yourself to climb higher.

After all, we can never reach the mountain tops if we don’t venture through the valleys.

Always committed to your success.


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