Paleo, Veganism, Raw Food. Could we all be right?

Colleagues, health enthusiasts, those involved in nutrition, wellness, fitness, medicine or the like. We all seem to have different views on what constitutes healthy living.

I found this a great wholistic debate with Frank Lipman, Mark Hyman, and Joel Kahn on sugar, gluten, paleo, vegetarianism and veganism and how we may all essentially be saying the same thing.

You can view the video here: 3 Doctors Debate the Best Way To Eat







As teachers and healers in 2014, it is the perfect time for us to put away our hardened views on what constitues healthy living.

We are all original specimens with cells that respond differently to stimulus and we all tend to see common ground on eating more earth food and eliminating processed, chemical ridden food.

So, is it “always” important to argue whether sickness is due to the gluten in grains, the genetically modified genes or casomorphins (casein)? The fats and proteins in farmed animals or the grains, hormones and antibiotics these animals are fed?

We all know that a majority of our clients suffer from very similar imbalances, many caused by stress and overconsumption of man made products.

Elimination of these often show incredible results.

I would really love to hear from you. Where do you think we are in this global shift and what do you think we should be doing to move it forward?

I love how Joel Kahn from Mind Body Green talks about his plate being made up of food, the environment and sustainability. And even better the way Mark Hyman is referred to as a Pegan! (Paleo-Vegan).

Do you agree that we are affected by so much more than just intake? Is it important to you to ensure labels are placed on our areas of specialty or do you believe it is time we took off our name tags and joined the revolution as one?

Keep striving. Keep nourishing. Keep believing.

Seek the best. Enjoy the rest!