Put a little power into your shower and see the results as a fresh, new you arrives in every day life!

Forget the drizzle. This week I’m giving you straight up simple strategies to make the most of those moments in life that are just yours.

5 simple ways to power up your shower!!

1. Turn Down the Heat

Taking a cooler or cold shower has been shown to increase healthy immune function! Scientific studies show those who regularly immerse themselves in cold water benefit from increased circulation, higher immunity (less colds and flu!) and increased feelings of wellness. In fact, cold water immersion is an actual remedy used to treat and facilitate progress in patients suffering depression and anxiety.

2. Lather Up

If the whole point is to get clean while you’re in there, you may as well choose a fragrant you love and a stimulating and nourishing soap to lather yourself up in luxury! Check out these organic soaps. My favorites are a lovely lemongrass soap in the morning (sometimes with an oat exfoliant!) and a soothing essential oil soap or body oil in the evenings.

3. Gratitude Showers!

This is a new self-growth strategy I have been trialling this year and it is now taking my clients hook, line and sinker! If I have a 5 minute shower, I spend my shower time thinking of all the wonderful things in my life I have to be grateful for. Gratitude not only turns on the switch to our universal power (making it easier to bring more positive into our worlds), a gratitude shower reminds us of how much beauty there is in the world and after a long day it is sometimes the last thing we are thinking of. Use your shower time pro-actively and reap the rewards. Remember that when love is sent out into the world, it comes bouncing back with extra force

4. Set the Mood

There are many ways to enrich your shower and make you feel as though you are being pampered daily (which you should be!). Choose a small natural candle to set outside your shower. Switch off or dim the lights and enjoy your mood lighting. Remember that luxurious shower robe you bought 5 years ago that you have never used? Take it into the bathroom with you! If you enjoy relaxation music or feel like a little mood boost, add a shower powered radio to your bathroom and sing along! Check out the eco H2o powered radio for a little fun.

5. Live it up

Some of the best showers of my life have been when I have reached land after a long sailing trip, returned home after a day of hiking in the rain or camping in the rainforest. After a cold swim or surf in the pacific ocean or simply a good workout! Chase your goals, enjoy your days and live life to the max. Trust me your shower experience will be something to remember!