Ah, it’s morning, it’s cleansing time and it’s 2015! Feels great doesn’t it?

As I sit here sipping on my kale juice (part of my New Years cleanse), I had to stop still in my boots and share it! After all, sharing awesome information is what brings us closer together and gives us a platform on which to launch our brilliant selves!

Confession of a nutritionist

When I first started drinking green goblets of juice back in 2007, I honestly thought it was GROSS! “Why on earth would anyone drink green sludge and pretend it tastes so good?” I would mutter, as I delicately sipped on my orange Nudie.

Nevertheless, working in the health industry and as a young health enthusiast myself, I figured it may pay off to jump on the band wagon and at least try the ogre potion once on my tastebuds.

8 years later, I am a self confessed green juice LOVER!

 This is TRUTH. If you start drinking this stuff every morning, your tastebuds will actually change and what you once thought was never to be sniffed, begins to taste remarkably good.

Also, your body glows with thanks, your energy levels sky rocket and soon you won’t be able to stop yourself from hitting the juicer every day!

This Killer Kale Juice is quite tangy on the taste buds, that’s why it’s called the killer. It’s full of vital nutrients to flush your body from the old and fuel your system for all the new in 2015! Remember, this green juice doesn’t just cleanse your liver, kidneys, blood and skin. It will also cleanse your energy systems and help you to think clearer and be more present!

You will find it runs smoothly down the hatch but it’s the after glow we are looking for. Energy to boot, a sparkle in the eye, compliments from others, beautiful skin, a feeling of inspiration for LIFE!

 Here it is. My cleansing recipe this week. It sure killed my new years slump!

 This juice is filled with chlorophyll to energise you following the festive season. The pairing of cucumbers and carrots provides the perfect combination of nutrients for a fast hangover cure and added phytonutrients in the capsicum and other ingredients give it a killer health effect!

It can kill a hangover, a bad day or a low mood!


3 large carrots

1 large bunch kale

2 large cucumbers

2 small red capsicum

4 stalks of celery (with leaves)

1 cup of filtered water


Chop all ingredients roughly to fit in your juicer. I love my Hurom Juicer as it fits larger pieces and can juice whole carrots!

Juice cucumbers, red capsicum, carrots, kale and then celery (in that order to avoid juicer jamming). Use water to flush through juicer or add to juice to dilute or make more.

For the best results, refrigerate for one hour prior to serving.

Always nourish your body and soul,