When I first moved to the islands (“paradise” right?), I had high expectations of my perfect life. I was going to indulge in more self care, take more ‘me time’ and learn to slow down. Well, I did all of those things (eventually), however it wasn’t quite as easy as I had imagined.

Photo taken in the Tobago Cays (by Mark Pratley), for my husband’s business, Barefoot Yacht Charters in St Vincent and the Grenadines

Finding out that ‘my time-limitations’ were inevitably just the same here as they had been in the city, was not exactly self satisfying.

When I got real with myself, it turned out that I was stuck in old habits and had subconsciously adopted the old patterns I had played out during my “time-poor twenties”. The challenges in my island routine turned out to be just the same time challenges I always had! How could this be? What was going on? Was it a curse!?

My logical mind thought maybe I was just taking on too much, that I should learn to say no. And while yes, saying NO has been a huge part of my personal growth journey, the time issue for me was actually more about perspective ! See I honestly believed that time had a HOLD on me.


The weird thing is I have always had the same amount of time as everybody else. I felt embarrassed that I couldn’t get a handle on this when everyone else seemed to quite easily and effortlessly.

My friends even named this time issue, in a jokingly way, “Riss time”. So even though they totally didn’t mean to cement this feeling for me, I felt even more lost and became completely defined by it!

So there I was. Beating myself up every day, most minutes of the day. I lived in constant overwhelm running late and then hating on myself for being late. Needless to say, I was spinning most of the time and not getting much done!

Do you ever find yourself in this dilemma?

If you feel time poor most of the time, I was just like you.

Feeling like you only have  the time to choose 1 or 2 options before having to head off somewhere, get to your meeting or take the kids for a dental check up?

Now, the funny learning here for me was, it didn’t matter how many tasks I had to do in a day.. 1, 5 or 20. I felt the same each time. Our “time management” gurus would say we need to wake up an hour earlier, prioritize our desires, “manage” our time better or simply stop trying to do it all, say no and eliminate some tasks. But after reading all these books and just not feeling it. I asked the question.. “Why can’t we have it all!?”

What I finally figured out is that when I worked WITH time instead of against it.. in a more true to myself, authentic way.. and I took back control of how I RELATE with time, a funny thing happened.

I ended up with WAY more of it!

What kind of relationship do you have with time?

Are you:

Constantly rushing?

Always late?

Feel under pressure?

Never have enough of it?

Don’t have time to relax?

That was me too!!!!

I used to speak of time as though it were it scarce commodity, as if one day I’d just run out of it.

I used phrases such as “there just aren’t enough hours in the day”, “how time flies” and responded “I’m so busy” when others asked how I am. “Great thanks! Busy.. but great”.

I was constantly reminding myself and others that I didn’t have enough time to do the things I love. To have the level of control I so wanted over my time and to reach the level of ease I wanted to reach.

And what I realized was:

Once I took back control of my time and stopped letting it control me, I not only reduced a huge amount of stress from my body, I started getting way more done in a day.. and also freed up time to have WAY more fun !

The first step for me was awareness and then a deep understanding of what time is. Time. Something we humans created. It is very pliable and easily changes with perspective.

These are the mantras I use to help me stay at peace with time. Add them into your daily affirmations, punch them in a reminder in your phone or sit in stillness and repeat them for 2 minutes each day for the next 2 weeks and see how your relationship with time improves!

These days, I no longer feel confined to the belief that I don’t have enough time. I move through my days with ease and flow and enjoy every minute! My wonderful, wise husband says “Time is something we created. It’s just a limitation we put on life. It’s not actually real” I love this so much!

Here are my daily affirmations and mantras (that I often don’t say every day anymore but whenever I need them!).

  • I am in control of my time

  • I always have enough time to do the things I love

  • I expand time

  • Time is on my side

  • I have a healthy relationship with time

  • I am rich in time

If you’re still feeling overwhelmed, know you can control your time too. If I can do it, anyone can. Trust me!

Try these affirmations as a beautiful start to your new “time-filled” life! 

In love and health,