How well do you treat your feet on a daily basis?

Check in with them, do they feel squashed, neglected, tired and sore?

What type of shoes do you wear?

Do you spend time barefoot daily to allow your feet to heal, relax and soak up the earth’s energy or are they constantly hiding in the dark unable to breathe?

Our feet are good indicators of how we treat our bodies and minds.

I bet your wondering how your favourite pair of jimmy choo’s could possibly be holding you back in life!!!!

Well actually, a lot can be said about our relationship with our hooves. Expert reflexologists say every issue we have in our physical and mental selves can be treated through our feet. Every wondered how reflexologists know that you have chronic headaches on the left side of your temple weekly? Or that you dislocated your shoulder when you were in college. Well they are not all psychic and there is some truth biologically in nerve connections.

Reflexology is similar to many other healing techniques (including relaxation and yoga!) as its aim is to alter the body’s energy via meridian lines. A wonderful way to relax and rejuvinate the body !

Even William Schutz, professor, multiple author and doctor of psychology believes:

“The Feet have a vital psychological importance in our lives, because they represent our contact with our immediate reality, the ground, the law of gravity; physically, the lack of balance on the feet, affects the harmony and performance of our whole structure.”
~W. Zchutz

Personally, throughout my life and career I have spent so much time in either training shoes or high heels on set, it is really of utmost importance to me to take some time out for my feet. I choose to schedule pamper time for my feet at least once per week to let them rejuvenate. They have done so much for me, I’m feeling it’s time to give back !!

I have to say I am a much happier being when I am able to walk barefoot, give time to my feet and allow my hard working hooves to rest and replenish.

Here is my recipe for Happy Feet:

Print off your Reflexology Foot Map (below) to help guide you through preferred focus areas as you treat yourself to a massage. You will need to pick up some 100% pure essential oils or find a good 100% massage oil or lotion at your local store.

Feel free to follow my favourite refreshing massage oil recipe:

What you will need:

* 10 minutes in your day JUST FOR YOU ! (Before you say you don’t have the tine, remember our previous blogs and remind yourself of how important this time is for your coping mechanisms in every day life and for others who depend on you in life. Trust me when I say you’ll be more productive, fun, entertaining, chilled and super popular with this poweful renuvination tool you can now show your friends!!).

* 1 medium sized container filled 2 inches from the too with warm-hot water. Soak your feet for 5 minutes. You can add a drop of your favourite essential oil to the water if you like.

Massage oil

1/2 cupe cold pressed extra virgin olive oil

1/2 cup cold pressed almond oil

2 drops of pure essential peppermint oil

For a more relaxing scent, substitute the peppermint oil with lavender oil, which is a well known vasodilator, blood pressure and stress dropper.

* Large towel folded into a soft mat and a small towel for drying.

* A quiet place to relax. Make sure your back is well supported and you are comfortable.

* Reflexology Map

How to perform your very own healing foot massage:

* Soak your feet for 5-10 minutes in the container of hot water (with a drop of essential oil if desired)

* Pat your feet dry using your small drying towel, set aside water container and rest your feet on the folded towel.

* Using a generous amount of massage oil on your hands, gently massage your entire foot, working the oil into every part of each foot. Think of this 1st massage as a warm up. To awaken the muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons and sensory receptors. Your massage should be light and easy.

* Your next focus should be on a specific area, pressing a little harder and using circular motion with your fingers. Use your reflexology map to determine which area is most important for you.

* It is important to check in and see which areas feel good for you. Your body knows what it needs and now is the perfect time to become conscious of how you’re feeling. Do you prefer one particular area of massage over another? Maybe your stomach and digestion needs more work than you thought. No worries, just stick with what feels best for you.

* Once you have massaged each foot for 5 minutes, you have already done wonders. Congratulations !

* If you wish, you may like to spend an extra minute on the toes, achilles, over the top of the foot and lower leg to aid corculation.

Once you have been through each of these steps, you should feel relaxed and somewhat enlivened.

Studies have indicated that reflexology before sleep can improve circulation, open energy channels, promote mindfulness and physical health.

What a world of good just a few minutes can make!

Ok, now it’s time to schedule it into your diary (go on, I’ll wait).

Now, look forward to your next pamper time !!

ENJOY IT. You are WORTH it !

Always comitted to your success,