How often do we get caught up in what we call “living”, forgetting those we love or putting off until “tomorrow” (which we all know never comes!).

Today, I want you to harness the power within you and be thankful for every second you have. Enjoy the little moments, the people, the weather, animals and small tasks.. for we may not always be able to share these with ourselves or each other.

If you’re mind is going crazy and your addicted to your phone or computer. STOP ! Take your pulse, relax your breathe, walk out into the fresh air (tell your boss first!) and sit a moment. Watch the birds, call a friend and imagine how life would be if you simply slowed down and actually LIVED every minute of it.

Check out Oprah’s interviews (link below) on being present, how we think we are, why we aren’t and when we should be !!!

Here’s to your happy healthy life !

Always committed to your success,

Marissa x