Eleanor Roosevelt said you should do one thing every day that scares you!

Scientists all over the world have proven that crossing boundaries, jumping limitations and stepping outside of our comfort zone helps to unleash our potential, live in our purpose and produce more bliss in the world.

So Phil came home from work with an easel the other day and I giggled. I have wanted one for some time and I didn’t even know why!

For the last 2 years, I have had this crazy vision of myself as this hip modern artist, getting my paint groove on in many locations all over the world.








Those of you who know me well, are sure that I can’t paint and most of my clients have seen how disproportionate my stick figures are at the best of times! But Phil didn’t see it that way. He is a man of consideration. I know he has seen my stick figures, but he heard that I wanted an easel. So, he found one and brought it home. Ah how refreshingly simple a man’s mind can be

This made me think. What made me so certain that I was only daydreaming? Why was this such a far-out desire for me? How did I so wholesomely decide against the idea and Phil so easily accepted it.

Is it a lack of faith in ourselves that holds us back from diving into the unknown? How will we ever know what our soul truly craves if we only do the things we are good at or the things we have been told we’re good at? Naturally, if we enjoy something we tend to be good at it and visa versa, but what if we are missing out on so much simply because ..

Just as easily as Phil had put that easel into one of his male mind boxes, had I simply removed the idea of it from mine? Why was it so unrealistic for me? Why was painting so certainly something that I would never ever do.. even if I day dreamed of painting the beautiful landscape outside my Caribbean window!

Well, it doesn’t help that Phils family are incredibly talented artists, including his 98 year old grandmother! My family are also paintbrush geniuses. My brother and my cousins are beyond belief talented. So you’re thinking “maybe she got the gene!” but you haven’t seen my stick figures

All of this talent makes me feel very nervous, thinking that my first creation could look much more like a playgroup experiment than anything suitable for the naked eye! What if my furry babies wouldn’t even allow their eyes to glance upon it in fear of blindness? What if I’m so bad that I will just never try again?

Hmm. “So really though” I thought. “Who cares?” Probably not a single soul! It’s super exciting and something I have never done before.. and with the view from our gorgeous little house on the hill, how could one not be inspired to paint? Yes, even me! Haha.

That was it. I was going to do it!

As soon as a beam of beautiful bright light fell upon my distrusting ego-mind, another dark cloud landed heavily upon me. The QUESTIONS!!.

“So” Phil asked excitedly. “What are you going to paint with?” I looked at him blankly like I had just stopped still in the midst of a bull fight. “A paintbrush? Duh..” I thought.

“Well, oils or water bases?”. Whaa? I was so removed from this world that I actually had no idea what he was talking about. I closed my eyes to see if an answer would appear in front of me, but all I was envisioning were those small plastic paint water-colour sets my bestie and I used to use when we were 5 years old. Remember Mishy?

“Wow” I thought. I’m in well over my head.








Well, today I’m standing up to this quest and questioning the values and beliefs that I set for myself as a child around artwork, crafts and artistry. What was I so afraid of? Who or what told me I wasn’t any good? What even consummates good or bad anyway?

If my soul feels to paint, let it paint!

So here I am sitting in the window, looking out at the scenery that I would love to put to canvas and keep forever. I’m here and showing up to my desires. I’m scared and jumping out of my skin at the same time.

I can’t say I’ve ever really been resistant to change. In fact, I usually love change! Generally though, it’s change that I have evaluated carefully and construed as a particular type of change that will help me grow and afflict wonderment and true happiness upon my world. I do not often choose change that I think might leave me in a pit of despair or confusion.

Am I really going to pick up a paintbrush for the first time in 17 years?

YES!! I’m ready to show up for my creative soul and I am going to paint myself a divine masterpiece!!










What will you do this week to lovingly scare the part of yourself that likes to keep you within your comfort zone?

Here are a few ideas!

1. Try something new – If you are more left brained, try something right brained and visa versa. Even simply swapping hands when brushing your teeth or eating dinner can activate sleeping neurons. It’s not as scary as it sounds!

2. Ask for help – Not many of us like to ask for help as we tend to view it as a sign of weakness. I like to think that we gain from others assistance and we can use it as a tool to help ourselves learn and grow. It can give us the knowledge or wisdom we are seeking in many areas of our life.. but asking for it can be downright scary!

3. Give something away – With all the lack mentality in these economic times, it isn’t always easy to believe we will always have enough. Give something away that you cherish or that you were excited to receive. Give it to someone else who needs it just as much as you do and see how it transforms your day (and maybe even their life!)

4. Disconnect from technology – I’m almost sad to say this is on the list.. but it has to be. I know numerous people who struggle to disconnect from technology and I have read many medical journals reporting on how electro-magnetic rays alone are damaging our nervous system and can hold us back from self reliance and feelings of happiness.

5. Make a new friend – It doesn’t matter where you are! When I worked in Perth I used to have names in my phone like “Busstop Bob”, “Ferry Frances”. I noticed once I began talking to people they actually did want to talk back. I think we can all be a little apprehensive about whether people will like us, want to engage with us etc. If you feel self-conscious, try thinking about the other person’s needs instead. Engage in their story, they will love you for it and your self confidence will rise! I like to tell myself “Engage. Don’t Impress” to help me relax when I meet new people.

My very first painting will be uploaded here shortly. Oh what have I done?!

Always nourish your body and soul,

Maris xo