Hey beauty!

Freaking awesome you’re here. You are about to embark on a brand new journey! I’m Marissa and it is my deal on this planet to light you up from the inside-out!

So, you’ve dabbled in personal development, fitness, nutrition, natural remedies and self care but you’re just not feelin’ the vibe yet. Well, it’s time we got talking! 

From when I was a little girl, I knew I had an aching desire to help others shine their light as bright as they could be. I have certainly had my own challenges in life, some I thought I would never overcome like lost loves and dear friends, heartache, stress, strain and struggles but there was always an aching desire, an unbeatable passion, an unstoppable need not only to survive but to live, love and be happy!! Do you have this same aching desire?

Let’s face it. We all ultimately want to be healthy, to enjoy the benefits of living a vibrant, happy life but where do we start and how long will it take?

Over 15 years, I have learned from only the very best mentors in self development, holistic health, biomedical science and energy (yes mentors need mentors!!) and every tool in my kit is not only noteworthy and scientifically proven. It is also fast, fun, absolutely fabulous (I’ll tell you why) and has been created for BIG change.

So to cut a long story short, I am here to help you increase the level of happiness in every area of your life in just minutes per day! Cause really.. don’t we just want to get on with it!?

I consult and coach in many areas of health, wellness, lifestyle and happiness! I have studied fitness, nutrition, biomedical science, nutritional medicine, holistic psychotherapy and I aint gonna stop at anything to watch you fall madly, passionately, deeply in love with yourself and your beautiful life!

So.. let’s just say I know your power and I’m not afraid to use it! 

What do you say? Willing to give my wacky tools a go?

You deserve it and are oh so more than worth it!

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