That’s right, today I’m standing on my head in honour of you!

In honour of your beauty and uniqueness. To ensure that you so greatly and deeply know your own worth. 

(if you haven’t seen the beautiful v average Dove video, I have put a link at the end of this post for you)

Today I watched the Beautiful v Average Dove Commercial (these dang Dove videos always make me cry!)

If you know me, you know I get REALLY passionate (and emotional) when I think about how many women in the world question their own beauty and worth. I guess it’s why I do what I do. In my coaching, I want people to know their worth, to see their best self, to feel their best, be their best and not settle for anything less.

Last week I stood on my head to show a beautiful and inspiring colleague of mine just how freaking awesome and talented she is. So the head stand episode went something like this…

[Skype chat – discussion on how incredible my colleague is (really is) and how she has all it takes in her work with or without her desired prerequisites]

Me “You are amazing just because you’re YOU. Your energy and your gifts are enough. People are going to love you! How do you not know this!?????? I would seriously stand on my head to show you how amazing you are”.

Beautiful colleague “Ok. Yes please”

Marissa – “Yes what”

Beautiful colleague – “Yes please. Stand on your head”

(shocked by her acceptance to my invitation but nevertheless certain I was right about her worth, I stood on my head next to my desk with headphones still in my ears and attached to my laptop)

Now it has become a bit of a metaphorical joke as we back and forth about goals “Of course you can do it! Do you want me to stand on my head?”

So today, I’m standing on my head for YOU!

I want to show you that no matter what, I believe in you, your worth and your undeniable beauty!

Beauty is a tough topic. There is so much judgement placed on external appearance and not enough open heart to see within.

In the model/television industry, I witnessed so much judgement, conflict, competition, belittlement and pressure placed on women to look or act in a certain way. To be perfect. Or to have something more than what was just naturally them!

I have watched friends of mine go to extremes to look younger or more symmetrical for camera or simply just shy away from doing things that really made them feel good for fear of judgement. I often wondered if they feel any better on the inside for these choices. We all take measures to look our best or shift old habits at some point or another but how and why we take these measures needs to be.. well measured!

We can either choose to honour our bodies and our selves and out of self respect choose to add a little loving lip gloss or a new hair style or break out a new behaviour but should our looks or our behaviours ever define us? Never.

As soon as we choose to improve our appearance or change our actions for others, we have taken the extra step in telling the universe we now put our self worth into the hands of another.

No one else should define your beauty or your worth and nor should you let them. I am here to lift you to take control of your own self worth, to help you to see your own beauty and to never look outside for recognition again. There is no better feeling in the world to stand proud in your own body, your own self, to know your worth, see your beauty and let your bright beautiful light shine.

It’s also pretty spectacular that as soon as you do, the whole world sees it too!!

It took me a long time to see my physical beauty. As a child I never thought I was very beautiful, as a teen I never thought I was one of those ‘beautiful’ people. Then as I got older, I still didn’t always find myself beautiful. My work in fitness, modelling, tv and shooting campaigns, I was more visible than ever and was still be a big fat self critic.

My Dad always told me beauty was in the eye of the beholder and he was right but I didn’t accept his verdict when I was younger. In jest, we used to say beauty was in the eye of the “beer holder” lol. This funny saying wasn’t doing me any favours. I was telling myself I would only look beautiful through beer goggles!

What are you saying to yourself that is helping you to play small or not allowing you to see your own beauty?

Finding my own self worth and beauty was a journey, a process. It took me a long time to not let the words or judgements of others hold me down or stop me from moving forward.

In my coaching programs, I see so many women (and men) who would choose to walk through the average door (watch the video below) but beauty is a choice you make within.

Science shows that those who honor their own beauty are perceived by others to be more beautiful. Interesting! So the more real and authentic we are, the more we are our quirky selves, the more beautiful we get!

So, what can you do each morning to convince yourself of your worth and beauty?

I love using Louise Hay’s affirmations and a gorgeous one for self worth is “I am beautiful and everybody loves me”. I don’t view these affirming words as selfish. I see them as self supporting and respectful. The more we allow ourselves to accept our gorgeous bodies, acknowledge our worth and believe in ourselves, the easier it becomes to see our own beauty and share our gifts with the world.

Which door would you walk through today? It is your choice!

STOP creating benchmarks for your own beauty or worth based on others opinions or self judgement.

CHOOSE to believe in yourself #choosebeautiful

Haven’t seen the video? Watch it here –


If you’re anything like me, make sure you have tissues!

Always nourish your body and soul,