Hi Everyone !

WOW. If you told me this time last year that I would be posting our January 2013 blog from St Vincent, a small island in the Caribbean.. I would have called you “post holiday crazy”

Well here I am. I took on the stint from Perth to Sydney, managed to fit in a quick job with TVSN (my super favourite channel to work for in NSW). I got to hang with all my lovely Friends, Clients, Collegues and as I left Sydney this time I actually felt content that my work there was done .. for now ­čśë

I have always loved this part of the world and with my family being from this region I really do feel like I’m home.

SO. If there is one slice of advice I can give you this week it’s to:


I’ll admit the last week has been a good time for me to reflect upon my busy times and question why we all get so caught up in the day to day running of our lives. We all make great task managers and provide ourselves with more and more and more to do each day. It is so wonderful to be productive and have a feeling of accomplishment in all we do, it’s just that (and I’m sure you’ll agree!), there are times when our diaries become flooded and our to do list has become so long we can literally roll it out the door !!

I’m not suggesting that we should do this, nor am I recommending that you hang up all your responsibilities and fly to meet me in the Caribbean tomorrow (unless you really want to!).

I am only making a suggestion that we make a conscious effort to CHILL out a little more this year and take  time for the things that we really enjoy.

I have a few friends that I have to check in with 2 weeks in advance so they can schedule me into their diary ! I appreciate the organisation skills of these individuals and their ability to be on time to everything.

As we are all different (thank the universe for that!), I strive┬áto be the kind of friend who always has an open door for you, where you feel you can walk into my home at anytime, take your shoes off, sip some peppermint tea put your feet up on the couch, laugh loudly and share your innermost thoughts ­čśë I want to be passionate, up beat and productive but feel relaxed and encourage mindfulness, rest and relaxation.

No matter who I speak with .. whether they are Naturopath’s, Doctors, Personal Trainers, Nutritionists, Exercise Physiologists, Surgeons or Physio’s.. they all tell me the number 1 factor they consider when evaluating cases of ill health is the S word.

It can be so inconspicuous and sneak up on us without us even noticing. Then we become tired, rundown, de-motivated, sick, sad, less fun and .. what do we do ? We push ourselves even harder, to strive higher, to get more done, to get better, to move on …

We are always trying to be better, pushing ourselves to work harder, work out more often, eat better, be nicer, take less, to give more, to become better people.. and some of us ‘even’ push ourselves to de-stress. I know people who have whole projects just designed for de-stressing.. and then they admit to me that the task of de-stressing is actually stressing them out !

Phew. I feel exhausted.

My mission for the year is to be more productive than I have ever been while maintaining a happy and relaxed, playful self. I love to laugh and unwind after a hard day’s work and I really believe this time of day is to be enjoyed at it’s utmost. I work hard and relax soft. At the end of ┬áthe day, I will look at my kitchen as a creative art station. It will not be a burden but my time to reflect and create something with love.

There is a wonderful connection between our minds, our breath and our body. You know the way you feel when you’re lying on the beach in a similar state to the first picture at the top of the page. You are present, engaged and totally relaxed. No worries in the world. What if you could bring this state into your bedroom, lounge room or kitchen ? Or even into your workplace ?

Adding five to 10 minutes of daily meditation to your routine will connect these 3 and offer you a greater sense of clarity, wellbeing and peace. Don’t think meditation is for you ? This is only your unfamiliar mind telling you not to try something that is different to what you are used to or your busy mind telling you that you don’t have the time.

Just for 10 minutes, sit back and imagine a beautiful peaceful place, imagine how you would feel if you were actually there. What would you be doing ? Most likely something you love. You can do this while washing dishes, weeding the garden or standing in line at the traffic authority. That’s the beauty of meditation, you don’t need to be sitting in the perfect buddhist pose (although there may be merit to this), you can actually be anywhere, doing anything at all.

So sit back, take a few deep breaths in and off you go to your happy place. Just try it, you have nothing to lose ! And remember, it’s about feeding your inner self because your happiness shines through and makes others happy.

Above all, make this year about being you !!

Be┬áproud of what you have achieved so far in life (chances are it is A LOT even if you don’t yet know it).

Have fun with life and be gentle with yourself.

You’re more incredible than you know !!

Always committed to your success,