We all have the capability of sticking to a plan, creating a whole new lifestyle and changing thoughts and habits. Yet most of us STILL seem to have trouble committing to our health over Christmas.

As a trainer and coach of almost 10 years (I can’t believe that number!), I have seen many healthy and unhealthy Christmas’s come and go. I have witnessed many colleagues, raw foodists, family, friends and life long clients turn into sugar-high spirits over the Christmas period. I have even had times in my life when I let it all hang out and had trouble feeling anywhere near good on January 1st.

Usually, prior to December each year I send out healthy options and positive psychology techniques to help my clients through crunch time. I normally get the same responses of “I didn’t have time”, “I just couldn’t” or “there were too many parties”.

But what if it isn’t Christmas at all that is causing this outbreak of sugar filled zombies looking for their next palette victim.

  • What if STARTING the silly season on the right foot is all we need to do?

  • What if sparking change early instead of later, could change the way we view Christmas time.

  • What if we could change our perspective of the holidays and see Christmas in a whole different way?

  • What if we could train our tastebuds to indulge less.

  • What if we could increase our desire to keep our body in shape just by setting the right intention!?

  • What if we could give ourselves a head start by getting into the right foods and mindset before the fun begins?

From my experiences, the silly season normally starts with great intentions of sticking to healthy routines.. then the first party passes, then two, a morning tea, a couple of luncheons, after work drinks then all of a sudden. Whaa? It’s Christmas week and we still have shopping to do.

We don’t have time for schedules plans and routines when we have so many outside commitments in the holidays. I’ll bet that it doesn’t all start on the 1st of December either. As October/November approaches, we tend to fall into the mindset slump of “It’s almost Christmas anyway” and our hard work from the year moves in behind us.

So this year, instead of waiting until January to inspire a body clean up, I’m starting my own holiday season with a CLEANSE and I would love for you to join me.

I have designed this cleanse to re-set the body’s digestive processes, clear out old taste bud habits and start Christmas time on a clean slate.

With increased metabolism we will have more fat burning power and may increase our energy over the Christmas break.

So. Do you want to enjoy all your festivities this year with a new mindset, a clear intention and an end goal? Do you want to start your New Year already ahead of time on your New Years resolutions?

Let’s get cleansing. Sign up here

Always nourish your body and soul,