Let’s be real. We all turn to different foods to satisfy cravings, feed emotions or just to feel ‘better’ at some time or another. We are all in this game together so don’t beat yourself up. I do it as well!

Yep, in fact I did this for years and it spun me into a weird negative cycle of hating on myself and eating more.

The thing is.. hating on ourselves for putting something less than optimal in our bodies only makes matters worse and actually increases the tendency to turn to food again to satisfy the guilt. So, the cycle begins and we end up feeling bad for making ourselves feel bad!


Do you live in a cycle of Food Frustration?

If you turn to less than optimal food types to satisfy cravings, reduce stress or satisfy taste buds, let’s give you some leeway to change without all the negative vibes.

When we dive deeper into the FFC (Food Frustration Cycle) and reeeeeeeeeally look at.. we realise. It doesn’t really have a lot to do with food! Or our weight! Or bad self image! And it certainly isn’t a reflection of our worth or willpower! Our thoughts and emotions in daily life play on each other so much that sometimes Food Frustration is more of a WAY OUT of an internal game than it is a right-here right-now doughnut game. If you know what I mean.

So, how do we cut the ties to Food Guilt for good?

Once we become aware of the sabotage pattern, we just need to find out what is happening in the background.

So the answer to how can I stop needing unhealthy treats to feel good.. is in shifting what lies beneath ..

I go into depth on this in my 40 Days to Fabulous program but for now, try these 4 simple steps out of Food Guilt and Frustration Cycles:

  1. As soon as you have eaten the Doughnut, Kit Kat, Potato Chips etc.. Stop and take a breath and simply notice that you have consumed something outside of your preferred healthy loving meal plan. We are just observing. No judgement!

  2. When you hear questions coming up “Why did you do that”.. I often hear – “Again Marissa? Really.. like seriously?” Instead of asking yourself why you think indulged in that sinful act and start listing all the ways you must be just a terrible person or ultimately broken (just for the record you are not broken!), simply observe your breath and begin to get really curious about where and when these acts take place and how it makes you feel.

  3. The next step is to tune in to find out what the deeper meaning is. What is the pay off for keeping yourself stuck in this cycle? What do you get out of it? What is awesome about going back there? Will it keep you playing small. Will it stop you from having to live your best life? Will it protect you from having to live in an awesome body that gets attention from others? What would happen if you lived your best life? Would it give you more responsibility? Are you afraid you might burn out and get sick? Or simply not be able to keep the weight off for good?

  4. Send your body a message of love. Tell yourself that despite this behaviour, you will reach your goals and it does not define your success in life or your potential. It is simply a time that you need to move through and it will happen. Remove the judgement and focus on a way you can make yourself feel what you are seeking. Usually a little self care goes a long way.

There are a few more steps to this technique that we can dive deeper to find the exact feeling your are seeking by using these self sabotage patterns and we can find something more positive to help you feel this way in daily life! Then you can literally shift your state in the moment and choose a better behavior!

So next time you reach for the doughnut, instead of beating yourself up.. begin to get really AWARE of what is happening. Seek to find the sabotage pattern and send your body a message of love that you do truly want to look after it and live your best life!

Over time you will find you no longer reach for the less than optimal food type because your MIND starts getting the satisfaction from elsewhere and you can finally begin craving real food that really benefits you!!

When we choose a behavior that does not serve us, and it really doesn’t matter what it is.. food, drugs, sex, sleep deprivation,  gossip, self attack, procrastination.. what’s happening is usually an element of self sabotage. If we can dig beneath this, we can free ourselves.

Oh so much love and food happiness,