While we all love having that inner glow that swishes happy and peaceful energy wherever we go (heads turn, comments fly, we feel almighty high).

It is also positively common to feel a pull that drags us down sometimes. It can last days, weeks or even months at a time. You know it. You feel it deep in your bones and are left feeling helpless, low, less distiguished and distracted. ICK!

If you have lost your drive, found a mud pit and are starting to unpack your bags… the good news is you don’t have to! Shifting out of this vibe couldn’t be easier!

Here are 10 quick ways to get your mojo back:

  1. Get up earlier.

     Set your alarm for 1 hour earlier. Trust me on this  Science shows us that if we are stuck in a sleep routine that is not serving us well, we can wake tired, moody and low. So if that’s all it is, why should we carry the whole world on our shoulders. Set your alarm for an hour earlier, wake up with a smile and your whole world may turn around.

  2. Give yourself a break!

    Sometimes when we wind up with our head in the pillow and a question mark above our heads, it can be a good sign that we have been pushing ourselves too hard. Flight, fight responses, although somewhat outdated are still responding for us in high fashion during our days. What are you giving yourself to fight about or flee from? It’s time to dig up those old fluffy socks, put on “Bridesmaids”, pour yourself a strawberry mocktail and have a good giggle.

  3. Get your groove on.

    I don’t mean just in your living room either! When we stomp our feet on the ground, we remove unwanted energy. Think about all the people you see on a daily basis, all the energy that surrounds you on the subway, in traffic, on the radio, at work and during the crazy New Year buzz-feed. Think about how much of that energy you have interacted with. Do you think you could have inadvertently brought home any of that energy with you? Of course!! Just because we can’t see it, doesn’t mean we don’t feel it! Choose to shake it off by having a barefoot garden dance or turning up your favourite song in your house to shift the vibe. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can clean your body and clear the air.

  4. Sit still.

    I mean it. How often do we ever just sit and do nothing? Try it now for 1 minute. Just do nothing. No reading, sipping, sifting, thinking, texting, whistling or even staring. Just nothing. The average person now has a attention span of a 7 second goldfish. This is scary! When you see those high vibe, beautifully glowing women, what are they are doing? Often they are very present with their fellow human beings, bright eyed, eager to learn and grow and filled with a very grounded and nourishing energy. That is why we are attracted to them!

  5. Juice your worries away.

    In ancient chinese medicine, the liver is connected strongly to emotions and feelings of worry, stress, anger and fear are believed to be influenced heavily by the health of this highly important organ. Give yourself a liver flush by starting your day with a warm lemon water and then juicing dandelion greens, spinach, citrus, carrots and celery. Make litres of the stuff and gulp it down first thing in the morning. It will give you the super boost your looking for, your mood will likely lift within the day, your skin and eyes will thank you for it and people will begin to notice that you are getting your mojo back!

  6. Hydrate your brain!

    Yes that’s what I said. Please don’t try to drink water through your eye sockets. DO drink more water all round and better quality fluids throughout the day! Most people seem very sure they are getting enough water but 100% of my clients are not getting the hydration they need or deserve. Check the skin on the back of your hand to see if it is floppy or taught. If it is floppy, your skin is begging for a beverage. Do you recall any recent headaches behind the eyes? Is your memory on a downer or does your brain feel a little foggy? You could be low on the H2O! Brain cells literally shrink when they do not have enough water which can not only affect cognitive thinking but may cause terrible headaches. Reach for a glass of pure, filtered water now. Go on……… I’ll wait

  7. Phone a friend

    Ever notice how revived you feel after a girls night out!? Although some of it could be the caprioska’s, it’s not just the alcohol. It’s the interaction and connectedness you have with other like minded souls. Real, true friendships can be extremely nourishing and should be nurtured on a daily basis. I often say “a girlie hour on the phone is worth 100 on my own”. Make sure it includes heavy laughter (the kind that involves stomach cramps, cheek soreness, uncontrollable snorts and tears).

  8. Wear your skinny jeans!

    If you are feeling low, I can almost guarantee you are holding back in some area of your physical appearance. Wear that VS lingerie that’s hiding in the bottom drawer or wear that outfit that was saved for a ‘special occasion’. Now I’m not saying you don’t currently look good (you very likely look like a hot peice of ass!) but do you FEEL good in what you are wearing? Do you FEEL sexy? When you choose your clothes for the day, ask yourself “what feels good on my body?”? Choose fabrics that feel silky on your skin or the colours that make you feel happiest. Only too often, women dress to impress others. For today, dress to impress yourself!!

  9. Get on Pinterest!

    I know I am usually pulling you by your big toes away from technology and gadgets, but a little motivation can go a long way. Jump on Pinterest and create a new board. Something that inspires you deeply and creates something for you to look forward to. Whether it is a fresh, new look around the home, a vacation or simply a motivational board featuring all your favourite quotes. As humans, we LOVE to feel we are actively participating in our future and what better way to do this than with a brand new vision board!

  10. Help someone in need

    Everywhere we turn there are people in need. Granny’s carrying their own groceries, hospitals filled with solemn faces, small children in need of a hug, strangers in need of self esteem, family members desiring more love. Our human need for contribution is at an all time high. We, as a group have a strong desire to be part of something bigger than ourselves. Doing something nice for someone else gives us a boost of encouragement and self love at times when we need it most. Gabby Bernstein says “When you’re feeling helpless, help someone”. Doing something out of the kindness of your heart for another person can in an instant shift your perception, put your focus on something outside of you and literally change your day.

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