10 days to Christmas!!











I invite you to join me this Christmas in slowing down, appreciating the little things and giving yourself the care and attention you need not only to enjoy every day this season but also to prepare for all that is to come next year.

No matter what Christmas time brings, this time of year can bring mixed emotions and leave us with empty gas tanks. If we are not armed and ready, it can bring about a fast build up of stress, followed by low dips into sadness and regret.

It is one of the only times of year that we focus on doing MORE for others than usual and LESS for ourselves than usual. It is also the only time of year when we allow ourselves the ultimate indulgence into unhealthy living and give ourselves a resolution to renew in the new year. How much stress is that? Holding yourself to things you didn’t do in 2014, that you now need to live up to in 2015.

I’m here to tell you that you are off the hook. You don’t need to worry about any of this stress. I give you permission to let go, to wipe your slate clean TODAY, to be happy now and get your Christmas GLOW on!

Consider that we can actually DO more for others by being our authentic, happy, genuine selves. Consider that most people in the world just want to feel good energy, have fun and be happy and you can give them that just by being YOU!

So I’m putting you to the 10 days to Christmas self-love CHALLENGE and challenging you to do 10 things for yourself before Christmas so you can bring more GLOW to your Christmas and start your New Year with a clear mind and vision for all that is to come.


DEC 15. If you are a YES person who is constantly run off your feet doing things to make others happy, I challenge you to say NO just once today.

DEC 16. Today, pull out your old foot spa and sit with your feet in the tub for 10 minutes (no foot spa? .. use a bucket of water, scented oil and petals!)

DEC 17. Breathe for the Solar Plexus today to relieve stress and anxiety. Take deep breaths in to raise your belly.

DEC 18. Today, write your own Christmas mantra! Write out a paragraph to set your intention for this holiday period and remind yourself of what you want to feel (mine is below).



DEC 19. Today, do something nice for someone else that doesn’t involve money. It will leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling you can carry around with you all day. Secretly help a loved one or put up the Christmas lights without them knowing.


DEC 20. Think outdoors today. Go for a walk and list off all the things you have to be grateful for (even if it’s just the grass, the trees and the sky!). Gratitude is one of the highest energy vibrations. Put your positive vibes out and you’ll see all you get back!


DEC 21. Today is about you! So get out that foot spa again or do something nice for yourself that you love to do. Remember, it’s just 10 minutes of your life to give to yourself so you can give more to others. You DO have the time!


DEC 22. Today, practice giving from your heart. Resentful giving brings yucky energy. Make your gifts and good deeds special enough to light up faces, not just create smiles.

DEC 23. Sit still for 2 minutes today. When is the last time you did NOTHING? Even when we are meditating, often we are still doing. Give yourself 2 minute to do nothing. No phone, no lists, no walking, no folding clothes, no talking. Just nothing!

      DEC 24. Phone a friend! Get in contact with someone you love but haven’t spoken to a great deal lately. It will make their Christmas to hear from you and will make yours to have a special conversation with one of your favourite people!



            DEC 25. Bring your PRESENCE to your Christmas Day instead of just PRESENTS. By now you should be living more in the moment and feeling more alive for all the Christmas festivities. Today, enjoy every moment of preparations, family gatherings and sharing love and friendships.

Congratulations on completing your SELF LOVE challenge. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Here is my Christmas mantra:

I am so grateful for this Christmas, for all the Christmas’s before and for having the love of my life here with me for this one. I am appreciative of all I that have and all I am yet to receive.. but also thankful that I am able to give and for all that I give. I am grateful for the people around me who lift me higher, help me shine brighter and bring laughter into my world. I appreciate that my friends and family feel close, even though I am conscious that they are far away. I am grateful for my physical body, all that it does for me and I choose to nourish it well through this season. I am blissful, loved and loving to all of those around me. The only place I need to be is here and the only thing I need is now. I am grateful for my breath that carries me through to another day and for the earth that provides me with the energy I need for presence and healing. I appreciate my health, vibrancy and passion and all I am able to achieve. I also understand that it is in my stillness that I find most peace and serenity. May I share this peace and serenity with the world this season and may I make it my duty to look after myself and spread my joy with the world. 
Always nourish your body and soul,